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At Stone Ridge Orthodontics, we believe in providing an environment in which our patients are completely listened to. We are here to serve your needs, and we will work to personalize each treatment so that it meets your specific needs. We will also go to lengths to explain each treatment to you in its entirety: the pros, cons, and expected benefits. We will wait until you are completely confident that the procedure is right for you before we commit to it. Afterward, we detail your recovery plan and how to care for your teeth while you recover and beyond. Our job is to ensure that you have outstanding oral health for your whole life. (703) 722-8004

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"Our daughter was very apprehensive about getting orthodontic treatment, but Dr. Frankenberry put her at ease from the very start and included her in the explanation of her treatment so she would know what to expect and approximately how long it would take. She actually looks forward to going to the appointments because of the report Dr. Frankenberry established with her."
"Dr. Frankenberry is extremely talented at what she does, but what sets her apart from other orthodontists is her passion for the dental world. I have been going to Dr. Frankenberry for quite some time now and it is evident that she truly cares for the well being of her patients. Dr. Frakenberry is professional, caring, and most importantly, dedicated to ensuring her patients leave beyond satisfied. Not to mention has also has a great sense of humor! Dr. Frankenberry makes going to the orthodontist pain free and enjoyable!"

Review Verified on 5/6/2014
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"Dr. Frankenberry and her whole office staff is awesome. I appreciate the individual care that they have taken for each of my children. I am confident that I have made the right decision ! She is not only conveniently located but also has same day emergency appointments. Her staff is always friendly on the phone and wonderful to talk to! My daughters love visiting Dr. Frankenberry!"

Review Verified on 6/3/2013
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"I was immediately impressed with Dr. Frankenberry. I loved the family atmosphere, and support. She is very kind and interested in knowing how she can help us through orthodontics. She was very good at explaining the whole process to us and helping us feel confidant that she was more than qualified to provide the care that my children needed. When my children went in to get the braces on, it was a very quick, painless procedure. All our questions and concerns were met before we left that day. We felt constantly supported through out the week as concerns came up. One of my calls was returned after hours, which is a excellant example of the kind of personal interest and attention we have experienced. I highly recommend Dr.Frankenberry!"

Review Verified on 4/11/2013
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"I met Dr. Frankenberry when she was Dr.Brown. She treated my son Anton and I loved her work and bedside manner so much I followed her from Oxon Hill, Md to Stone Ridge Va. She's now treating my beautiful daughter Nakiya. Let me tell u when she came her teeth were everywhere! She and I are so happy with the results in such a small amount of time. If ur looking for an Orthodontist Dr.Frankenberry is ur Doctor! Come join our family..I say family because it's warm and friendly here. The office is beautiful and staff is GREAT!"

Review Verified on 10/20/2012
"I LOOVE Dr.Frankenberry.. She kept me on my toes & was just a all around great Orthodontist... i would recommend her to anyone!"

Review Verified on 4/3/2019
"The best would refer her to everyone number one hands-up"

Review Verified on 3/6/2019
"I love the practice they are awesome my teeth looks wonderful would recommend her to everyone"

Review Verified on 3/5/2019
"We highly recommend Dr. Frankenberry. She did an amazing job with our daughter's smile as seen in this before and after photo (note in the after picture, she has her retainer in"

Review Verified on 2/6/2018
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"Family Oriented. Brian is a great guy, and Dr. Frankeberry saved me a lot of money on my daughter's Braces. Feel free to check around and then come and see her, you will see for yourselves. I wish this Office the Best. High Level of Professionalism!"

Review Verified on 1/8/2014
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"My experience with Dr. Frankenberry was great, having braces was total fun. I'll admit, the first week was a little uncomfortable, but the braces got the job done. My teeth were so crooked, if saw me now, you would be amazed at what Dr. Frankenberry did."

Review Verified on 11/23/2013
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"They work with kids with confidence and give great advice to kids on how they can take care of their teeth. They help you as soon as possible if you need anything or help for your kids."

Review Verified on 11/16/2013
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"Stone Ridge Orthodontics has professionalism, quality services, and a serene atmosphere. Its waiting areas has complimentary coffee, etc . I checked various dental offices for affordable prices for braces for my grandson. Stone Ridge Orthodontics topped them all! It offers convenient payment plans. I highly recommend Stone Ridge Orthodontics. You will discover 100% satisfactaction."

Review Verified on 10/10/2013
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"I was very impressed, pleased with the initial visit for Dontae Sutton. He looks forward to getting braces. The financial arrangement makes it more convenient to obtain quality services."

Review Verified on 8/18/2013
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"Before we went to the appointment, we received an email telling us about patient log in. We were surprised to see how connected the office was with us. We even received a text notification! The environment seemed very friendly from the minute we stepped inside. On our first appointment the receptionist stood up, shook our hands, and introduced himself to us. The office seemed very advanced in technology. Doctor Frankenberry was very nice and professional. She sat down with us to explain the the situations in my daughters mouth. Overall, this is a great orthodontist."

Review Verified on 7/7/2013
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"Really impressed with your services.Thanks!"

Review Verified on 5/5/2013
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"It is a pleasure to come here to Stone Ridge Orthodontics because they treat me good and also my little brother likes to come here because they are more friendly than other places, with a big office and all kinds of stuff to entertain people in the waiting room. I'm fortunate to come here, and get my teeth fixed!"

Review Verified on 5/4/2013
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"Anishka Frankenberry is just simply phenomenal, I love her professionalism and now I get so many compliments on my smile. My teeth are whiter and so straight."

Review Verified on 4/12/2013
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"I have a younger brother that comes to Stone Ridge Orthodontics. We love coming here! The front desk is so friendly and the doctor is very helpful and generous every time we come here! Highly recommend coming here!"

Review Verified on 3/30/2013
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"Stone Ridge Orthodontics is the best place ever to get braces. Dr. Frankenberry is so gentle and kind. Whenever you are getting a procedure done with her she will ask you if she is hurting you. Stone Ridge is a fun place for kids too because of the iPads in the main lobby and the man who works at the front desk is kind too. Also the way the lobby is decorated is very creative."

Review Verified on 3/16/2013
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"I'm really grateful to have met everyone at Stone Ridge Orthodontics and for their great work! We have been waiting more than a year to put braces on our daughter and we found ourselves a doctor who we can actually feel comfortable with as if they were family. Dr. Anishka Frankenberry has been very friendly and professional with our kids."

Review Verified on 3/2/2013
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"Dr Frankenberry is the absolute best!!! I am very pleased with the results Dr. Frankenberry is achieving with my daughters braces. Dr. Frankenberry is very friendly, knowledgeable,and attentive to our needs. I would highly recommend her services!!!!"

Review Verified on 2/21/2013
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"I'm really satisfied with the service of this office, they are very very great people. I recommend you to come this office it's fantastic, very nice, and clean office."

Review Verified on 1/12/2013
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"Extremely great with kids!!!! 10 stars!!"

Review Verified on 1/4/2013
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"We love Dr. Frankenberry. She is very flexible with her schedule, she takes the time to get to know us and Sean's teeth look amazing after only 1 month! Christina is awesome too!"

Review Verified on 12/11/2012
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"My son, Sean 11, is a patient of Dr Frankenberry, he was nervous about getting his braces and she has really made him glad about his decision and we are so happy with the results thus far. We 'ALL' look forward to his visits, Christina is so welcoming and Sammy loves to play on the iPads! Thank you Dr Frankenberry for coming to Stone Ridge!"

Review Verified on 12/4/2012
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"Doctor Frankenberry is an amazing orthodontist and she is so sweet and Christina is so nice :)"

Review Verified on 11/13/2012
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"I wanted braces, so I got them, and I'm glad I did. When people say, "they hurt" guess what? They're lying! They don't hurt when you put them on. It's okay though, they're worth it!! My teeth are ALREADY KINDA straight! I got the BEST orthodontist, Mrs. Frankenberry! And I already told my friends about it! I'm so happy with my results so far! Thank you Mrs. Frankenberry."

Review Verified on 11/6/2012
"I needed braces that is what brought me into this practice where I met Dr. frankenberry she is so amazing at her job super professional and a very nice person she’ll make you feel very comfortable through your experience at this practice"

Review Verified on 4/25/2019
"Dr.Frankbery is an extremely welcoming, friendly, professional, and awesome Orthodontist. She's always accessible and her hours/services fit my needs completely. I am extremely satisfied with the dental work that I received because now my teeth are perfect! She is truly a professional and made my trips to her office very enjoyable. Her services are unmatched!"

Review Verified on 4/16/2019
"Really nice dentists! My braces went smoothly and fast! Really good place."

Review Verified on 2/8/2019
"Looking forward to my Invisalign!"

Review Verified on 1/25/2019
"Dr. Frankenberry is amazing and very professional. Her staffs are very friendly. My invisalign experience was great and it was really worth it at the end"

Review Verified on 1/17/2019
"Dr. Frankenberry has been wonderful as I go through the invisalign process! Her and the rest of the staff have been very professional and made this process go so smoothly! What sets her apart is her personal relationships with her patients and showing how much she cares. She takes the time to really get to know her patients and make me feel like I'm a friend and not just a number being rushed in and out of the office. The office is decorated so beautifully and this has been a great choice for someone who was apprehensive about receiving orthodontic care for the second time, especially as an adult! So grateful for Dr. Frankenberry!"

Review Verified on 6/30/2014
"Dr. Frankenberry is a terrific dentist, and took the time to explain all our questions and make my kids feel comfortable. She has a great personality and is very approachable."

Review Verified on 4/15/2014
"Dr. Frankenberry put braces on both of our kids, and explained the process to them and made sure they were comfortable. She has a good personality and was very accomodating to us."

Review Verified on 4/15/2014
"I like how they get things done fast and they are very friendly."

Review Verified on 3/31/2014
"Had a wonderful experience and very happy with the service. The time was taken to describe the care plan in detail and the breakdown of insurance costs, payments and expectations."

Review Verified on 3/24/2014
"Stone Rigde Orthodontics is the best place to get your braces done. The process it real quick and easy and without hassle, Dr.Frankenberry and her husband are the kindest people ever."

Review Verified on 3/15/2014
"The service is great !!! She doesn't do it just for the money, she tries to build a personal relationship !! It's amazing !"

Review Verified on 3/14/2014
"Very professional staff. Great looking office. Wonderfully kind Dr."
"I love how your the most caring doctor here, have great service, and care for the patients I like how your always on time and works with your schedule Thanks again"

Review Verified on 3/8/2014
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